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Living Through Learning

Living Through Learning

Living Through Learning employs unique teaching methods to improve the standard of education to South Africa’s disadvantaged youth.
Specific focus is given to the following areas:
- Literacy
- Teacher Training
- Remedial Classes
- Learner transition preparedness training
As an NGO, Living Through Learning is dedicated to ensuring that learners improve their education through instilling a clear understanding of the terminology that they are confronted with on a daily basis.
This is done through implementing a very specific methodology that ensures students have sufficient visual inputs on a subject matter (crucial with even abstract concepts such as Maths and Science), thereby assisting in the understanding of the terminology used (allowing conceptual understanding of the material) and ensuring that learners are taught at a sustainable step-by-step gradient, ultimately resulting in application of the knowledge.
By instilling this strong knowledge base and clearing previous uncertainties, learners are able to better grasp larger concepts and thereby progress in terms of the complexity of their overall understanding.