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Made New Organistation

Made New Organisation - Mobile showers for the homeless.

Our mission:
To deliver dignity and unlock opportunity for the homeless - one mobile shower at a time.

Our goal is to collaborate with other nonprofits so that, together, we can offer a broad spectrum of services and amplify our collective impact.

Fundamental to our mission are three beliefs:
Everyone has the right to be clean.
Those experiencing homelessness can’t access jobs and housing or maintain health and wellbeing if they can’t get clean.
With hygiene comes dignity; with dignity, opportunity.

What we do is rooted in radical hospitality. We are called to serve.
We use human-centered facilities that reflect value to those we serve.
Our welcoming, high touch customer service ensures individuals leave feeling better than when they arrived. We believe that compassion
means honoring another’s humanity.

We provide the homeless with the following:
• A hygiene kit which contains basic toiletries.
• A warm shower.
• A set of clean clothing.
• Onsite hair grooming service.
• A warm meal.

Mobile showers won’t solve homelessness, but they do fill a massive
gap in available services. We deliver our service in partnership with
other nonprofits to help people access a broad spectrum of services.
Cross-sector collaboration is essential. We also work closely with
local government agencies for permitting needs.

Be a part of our solution and make a direct impact in the life of
someone experiencing homelessness.