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The Treadmill Guy - 72 Days 72 Half Marathons

In support of Morné Basson in his half marathon world record attempt to raise awareness for people suffering from Motor Neuron disease as people with Undetected Pneumonia. Read below for more info...

Morné Basson has been involved in creating awareness for people suffering from Motor Neuron Disease over the last few years through various (sometimes crazy) events.

Previous events include:
2015 Running the "Comrades Marathon" 90km onboard a cruise in Alaska.
2016 160km Treadmill Challenge at the SA Rugby Museum in Cape Town.
2017 First Man to run 31 consecutive full marathons in 31 days on a treadmill.
2018 Morné's fiancee sadly passed away and all events were cancelled.

Morné will be starting on 15 July 2019 with the first of a minimum of 72 half marathons (21.1km each day for 72 days). This will be done at all Planet Fitness Health Clubs across South Africa. Feel free to join Morné at a club of your choice!

Live a life with NO REGRETS! Join Morné and please support his cause!

Feel free to email Morné at
Join Morné in spreading the word and start living a healthier lifestyle as well as awareness for Motor Neuron Disease.

“We cannot change yesterday. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. But we can make today count…” – Morné Basson.