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Four Paws

Mission: To improve the quality of life of underprivileged animals. We are concentrating on squatter camp animals and feral cats.


The main problem in these poor areas is that people simply do not have the means, transport or finances to provide their animals with basic health care and veterinary treatment. As a result, many animals suffer unnecessarily, while others die a slow, painful death. Ignorance plays a big role in animal cruelty. Overpopulation results in numbers no community can sustain, and many animals die from starvation.

We provide primary health care services, veterinary treatments and sterilisations, free of charge. We also educate pet owners about proper pet care.

FERAL CAT PROJECTS: Feral cats are a direct result of humans, not sterilising their cats, starting many years ago. Cats and kittens ended up on the streets, multiplying even more. We trap, sterilise and release ferals and urge people to feed them. Ferals cannot be re-located due to their nature and adult ferals are almost impossible to tame.