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Million-Moulding is a social development organization focused on improving and developing the current state of the youth from less fortunate and under-privileged social backgrounds. It is our mission to adequately prepare the youth for the future and to give them insight to the workplace. We strive to empower them via the avenues of knowledge, understanding and wisdom, endeavoring to live meaningful and significant lives.
It is our focus to lead each individual into discovering their gifts and talents, honing their skills and fulfilling their purpose. We aim to provide training to assist the youth in alleviating unemployment and poverty. We desire to see the youth take control of their lives, not to witness and lose another generation to the influences of drugs, alcohol or teenage pregnancy due to peer pressure.
Our objectives are to be achieved by designing and implementing leadership programs / workshops. These leadership orientated programs and workshops are to be executed in the classroom and leadership-based camps.
These programs and workshops will consist of specific tools aimed at the individual focused on realizing their leadership qualities. Our aim is to see the youth equipped with the ability of being effective and efficient leaders.

Million-Moulding exists to present the youth with a vision, allowing for strategic implementation through systematic teaching as well as prudent mentoring.
Million-Moulding’s mentorship program, which is a pivotal part of the organization, focuses on strengthening the relationship between the organization and the youth. The aim is to remain involved in the lives of these youth.
The individual is mentored, nurtured and encouraged to focus on the discovery of purpose and improving the quality of life. Our vision is to see these individuals moulded from ordinary to extra-ordinary, transformed from followers into leaders and positive influencers.