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MCM Miqlat

One of the primary objectives of MCM as a charity is to mobilize the community on all fronts in helping the poor.

MCM has stated the intent to work and partner with churches; governmental agencies; NGO’s and service organisations in an effort to build strategic solutions to the major problems caused by poverty.

MCM currently runs programmes in Paarl East, Mbekweni and Wellington. The programmes are meant to address the problems of HIV/Aids, Health, Nutrition, Homelessness, Joblessness, as well as lack of Sports and Recreation activities and facilities, Youth and Child programmes, training and education and leadership development.

Our community upliftment programmes concentrate on delivering numerous community development programmes supported by donations from local and international churches, businesses and individual benefactors. Bowy House, a care sanctuary for children infected and affected by HIV or other life threatening illnesses; Tiffany’s Community Care Centre in Paarl East which provides the Klein Nederburg community with services such as training, education, child care programmes, an internet cafe and a gym, as well as programmes for the Youth as risk (Gangsterism) children

The MCM Sports Park in New Orleans (formerly the New Orleans Sports Ground)- coaching and support for youth and schools sports programmes; and the Homeless Care Ministry, which is an assistance, jobs empowerment and rehabilitation programme for the estimated 2000 homeless people in Paarl.

In addition to the above programmes, MCM has an excellent track record of assisting with community emergencies and support a number of local community centres, soup kitchens and other poverty assistance programmes.