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Mathematics and Science Tutoring Centre is a registered Non Profit Organization (NPO) which is aimed at assisting High School learners with Mathematics, Mathematics Literacy and Physical Science through tutorial classes. The members of this organization are skilled and experienced graduates and will be fully engaged in the program. The purpose of this proposal is to get sponsors for operational premises, equipment and stationery in order to execute the service. Initially, the organization will focus on Gauteng schools until there is enough capital to service other Provinces.

The tutorial classes will be done at no cost to the learners. The organization understands the different backgrounds for each learner and in ability to pay for the extra classes as these are the pupils from disadvantaged areas. The sustainability and smooth operation of this organization depends on sponsorships including the government.

The benefits that learners and schools will enjoy from attending tutorial classes at Mathematics and Science Tutorial Centre include the following:
•Active participation of learners from the class;
•Results improvements;
•The quality of education will be improved;
•Increased access to Universities;
•Better knowledge of the future career;
•Report writing skills;
•Presentation skills.
•Life skills