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Mylife Through Africa

The INTERNATIONAL ANTIPOACHING FOUNDATION, which aims to protect and preserve wildlife throughout Africa.

The aims of the IAPF

To provide clear and relevant conservation training to enhance awareness against poaching and to help implement sustainable alternatives for communities living in regions affected by environmental instability.
To empower anti poaching units to demonstrate legally assertive action against currently superior poaching elements .
To execute relentless patrols in areas of operation to target the removal of wire snares used indiscriminately for the commercial bush meat trade.
To establish and support environmentally beneficial training and educational projects that teach methods which counteract poaching and encourage environmental protection.
To work towards the repopulation of endangered species.
Through marketing and awareness campaigns increase accurate global understanding about the current issue of poaching facing affected regions.
To demand and monitor only ethical and corruption free standards of practice from all anti poaching units.


The core principles of MylifE

Youths are removed from a cycle of destruction in order for self-worth to be re-established
A new dedication to self pride and livelihood
A taking part of a life embodied by love, support, care, family, Ubuntu, boundaries, access to schools, skills development and business opportunities
Sustainability is the key to this programmes success. The reformed youths become leaders and “pay it forward” to the next generation of applicants. These people literally embody the term and motto of ‘Be The Change’

The spirit of UBUNTU, a call for participation

The Ubuntu Village Project- which involves the development of self-sustaining community villages- helps to reintegrate marginalised youths back into society

The MyLife ideology that a sense of pride comes from involvement in the creation of one's home and dedication to one's livelihood is paramount to the success of the villages- Pride stemming from ownership.