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Namjive is an Arts and Culture education project run in Namaqualand in the Northern Cape Province on the South African's West Coast. It acquired its Section 21 status in 2005.
The programme has been active in this impoverished rural region since 1997. The Namjive programme specifically targets marginalised, unemployed youth and Primary and Secondary school learners in this region. Namjive's programmes involve young people in creative activities aimed at building character, self-esteem and communicative ability. The team consists out of 4 Management members, 6 Company members and 8 Trainees.
Namjiveā€™s core business is to create a unique performing and visual art aesthetic inspired by the Nama Khoi regions and its peoples. To this end a professional performance company was established in 2006. To further support of this ideal Namjive teaches the Art and Culture curriculum to Grades 8 and 9 and Visual Art, Dance, Drama, Design as matriculation subjects to Grades 10,11 and 12, as well as extramural classes in dance, drama and visual arts.
Namjive is testament to, with available funds and donations, the positive effect that successful arts programmes can have in developing human potential in the harshest of living conditions.
In the pass Namjive main sponsors were the National Arts Council and National Lottery.Currently Namjive goes through a difficult financial period and will appreciate any donation which will aid in our cause of human development.