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New Covenant Felowship

New Covenant Felowship

The Covenant Crisis Crae Centre (CCCC)) has been in operation since 1996 and is a registered Non-Profit Organization (NPO No: 033-027) and Public Benefit Organization (PBO No: 93008741) which is headed by Pastor Anne Tryon. The heartbeat of this ministry is in line with the Vision of NCF which is to Empower People and alleviate poverty in our communities and our city.

The CCCC deals with the development, empowerment and upliftment of underprivileged and disadvantaged individuals.

The objective of the CCCC, is to feed, clothe, equip and motivate people to become productive members of society. It essentially is involved with social upliftment projects, youth development initiatives and life skill programmes. These include running soup kitchens, widows lunches and annual winter warmth drives (supply of clothes and blankets). The food and clothing distribution scheme supports over 500 families and two orphanages a week from in and around Durban.
Counseling is also provided for AIDS victims, youth, teenage mothers, and abused individuals.
The Haven is an accommodation facility that provides a safe home environment and provides food and support to destitute widows, orphans, abused women and children, individuals and families that are not financially independent. Here they are rehabilitated, empowered and supported so they ultimately become productive members of society.