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Nkosana Mgijima

7 Colors Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 by team of young black entrepreneurs. It is properly registered with CIPC as a non-profit company (NPC) with registration number 2017/33871/08 and the department of social and security services as non-profit organization (NPO). Tax exemption

Poverty and hunger are still a reality in South Africa, with the statistics indicating that just under a quarter of the South African population is unemployed. High unemployment in the country exacerbates poverty which in turn impacts negatively in the educational development of our children at a critical stage.

The ANA (Annual National Assessments) results indicated that the literacy and numeracy levels in SA especially in the township schools are far below international standards. Early Childhood Development has been identified as an important step in bridging this gap. Pre-school education in South Africa reaches less than half of the children of pre-school age who would benefit from it. Provision of well-equipped facilities is critical in addressing this challenge.

While we understand the desperate need for basic essentials such as food, clothing, health and shelter, we focus on creating happy childhood memories through early childhood developmental experiences and education, gifting children who live in poverty of mind, heart, body and soul with the opportunity to experience the Extraordinary.

7 Colors Foundation is to contribute to the elimination of challenges and obstacles encountered by disadvantaged and poor children in getting education. 7 Colors Foundation goal is to provide school based programs which provides for those educational needs in the country, most of whom are poor, orphans and vulnerable school students.

The broad objective of this intervention is to curb the chances of children turning to street life in search of food and offer them an opportunity to have a productive future. We are looking to improve the overall quality of communities by implementing programs that will:

Maintain good health and curtail the re-emergence of malnutrition diseases among the supported children.
Maintain school retention at 95% of the intended beneficiaries in the school year.
Maintain and promote above average performance for all supported children in the school year.
Maintain a productive and supportive surrounding in the children’s communities.
To provide adequate accountability and management of the programs for all parties involved


• Educational development
• Fundraising and events
•Training and support to caregivers
•(Construction)recreational structures
•Interior designing and technology