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Operation Bobbi Bear

• To collaborate with and assist the criminal justice system to ensure the rights and safety of the child victim of sexual abuse
• To assess HIV/AIDS risk of child victim of sexual abuse at point-of-rescue, to intervene and to counsel appropriately
• Applying therapeutic methods with use of Bobbi Bear, to obtain forensic facts and evidence to assist the criminal justice process, within the best interests of the child.
• To empower and train local communities to collaborate with the criminal justice system, to ensure the rights and safety of child (Preventative Measures)
• To empower and train Child Safety Officers locally, as prototypes for national expansion, and possible inclusion into the criminal justice system
• To equip and mobilise churches and religious communities to be trained in HIV/AIDS, Pre- and Post-Test Counselling and Positive Living/ Wellness Management Programmes, in order to offer spiritual and emotional support to child victim of sexual abuse.
• To increase awareness within local communities, with the aid of Bobbi Bear as symbol against sexual abuse and HIV/AIDS
• To train identified members within communities to be trained as community child safety officers