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Pekingese Rescue of South Africa

Pekingese Rescue was founded in 2010 by Lorraine Smalberger. In her own financial capacity Lorraine have run Pekingese Rescue of SA. This has included settling Vet Bills and all costs from her own personal account.

Pekingese Rescue has been established as a non-profit organisation that relies solely on fund raising activities and donations from the public to rescue abused, abandoned and unwanted Pekingese dogs.
Pekingese Rescue of South Africa grew out of the need to find adoptive homes for the increasing number of unwanted, abandoned and abused Pekingese dogs.

Unfortunately without proper breeding controls in place regarding the unlicensed “backyard” breeders, we foresee the number of unwanted dogs increase as there is a monetary value on backyard breeding and more Pekingese will be surrendered on a daily basis.

Due to lack of knowledge by backyard breeders and cross breeding, Pekingese are often born with defects such as eye, back, throat and face problems. This is just some of the problems. Once a person buys a puppy from a backyard breeder and the defects start appearing the dogs is surrendered.

Another issue we find is that people are purchasing Pekingese dogs without understanding the needs and care a Pekingese dog must have, this again results in an abandonment, abuse or surrender.

The Pekingese dogs in our care are received from many situations including rescued, abused, owner surrendered, shelters and humane organisations.

The condition of each Pekingese rescued varies greatly from the severely neglected and abused to well-kept and much loved family pets. However the latter is the minority not the majority of incidences.
Once a Pekingese is received by our organisation, the Peke is carefully evaluated and provided with the necessary care. The care, over and above the general care of a dog includes, grooming, vaccinations, medical attention, chipping, spaying and neutering.

In incidences where the Peke has been deemed fit, the Peke is then placed into a foster home until a suitable permanent home can be found. This time period can be from a month to 4 years. Each Peke remains in a foster home until a suitable permanent home can be found.