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Pink Trees for Pauline

To Whom it may concern:

Cancer is an illness that has probably, directly or indirectly, impacted on all of us. The Graaff-Reinet and Districts Cancer Association is launching the “Pink Trees for Pauline” project, which will this year be a local event with the idea to “challenge” other towns and cities next year to make it a national event.

In short, the vision of the project is to wrap as many trees as possible in Graaff-Reinet on the 19th October 2012 from the previous night to 10am on the 19th. The idea is to, overnight, create a “pink” town that will focus attention on cancer and cancer awareness. We also know October is National Cancer Awareness Month and thus it will be held in October.
The project aims to collect as much funds as possible by means of donations for the local Graaff-Reinet and Districts Cancer Association.

Material to wrap the trees can be bought for a minimum donation of R20 per meter. There is no limit to the amount of material you want to buy or the amount you would like to sponsor. Businesses/Individuals can also sponsor material that will be used in less privileged areas as well as public spaces in order to make sure that the whole of Graaff-Reinet gets involved.

This is a project done in collaboration of the Graaff Reinet and Districts Cancer Association and various individuals. Funds raised through our someammo site and payfast will be used to buy material.