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Port Elizabeth Mental Health

Port Elizabeth Mental Health

Port Elizabeth Mental Health believes that people with mental disabilities (intellectual and psychiatric disabilities) have a right to a place in society, a right to education, training, work and social inclusion. However, too often they are denied appropriate education and work opportunities, and socially isolated, abused and exploited. Our role is to remove, or help them to overcome obstacles that deny them the opportunity to reach their full potential.
We create opportunities for children with intellectual disabilities to be cared for, stimulated and to develop their skills, youth and adults with intellectual disability are trained in practical workplace skills, in order to prepare them for learner ships, work and entrepreneurships.

People with psychiatric disabilities face stigma, both socially and in employment, which further disables them. We therefore organize support groups, assistance in finding work, and a range of activities to help them maximize their potential. Our services help to increase independence and quality of life, and reduce incidences of re-hospitalization.
We also offer training and assistance to caregivers and to the families of our service-users, to cope with the particular home circumstances that arise from having a disabled or distressed child or adult in the home. We render services mostly in impoverished urban and rural communities in Port Elizabeth, Cradock, Somerset East of the Eastern Cape Province.