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Project Brave Heart

The vision and aim of this registered NPC are to prevent or limit the phenomenon of bullying.

We would like to minimize bullying in schools, communities and the workplace by means of effective programs to empower the victims and to transform and help the bully. As they say: “the abused becomes the abuser”. Therefor support for the bully and changing the bully’s ways is just as important as empowering the victims.
Our long-term vision is to create the most effective anti-bullying movement in SA, where people associate with the movement as the place of safety and information for this cause.
Brave Heart’s Mission is to change the way we look at one another – I see you and I accept you for whom you are. We would also like to motivate people to firstly, forgive the bully for what they have done, and secondly, we will transform the bully to change their ways. This will not only apply to children, but to adults and the South African public in general.

We will do so by giving information on how to identify a bully incident, guidance to handle such an incident or recurring event. We will also organize events and programs to inspire all South Africans to change and to bring communities together. Together we can make a great nation and South Africa a safer place to live in.