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Rainbows and Smiles Foundation

Rainbows and Smiles was founded when an inspirational little boy was diagnosed with brain cancer, Jed Thomas Suckling. Jed fought with such bravery and determination that we wanted to continue his legacy and make a difference in the lives of other children whilst honoring his memory. Jed lost is battle in 2011 and our values and mission have remained the same.
Our principles include creating hope, smiles and relief for families and caregivers of children with cancer. Rainbows and Smiles is a public benefit organisation in terms of section 30 of the income tax act.
Rainbows and Smiles raises funds for children fighting cancer and to assist with the following:
1. Food vouchers
2. Clothing
3. Medical Expenses
4. Transport
5. Toiletries
6. Paediatric Oncology ward upliftment
7. Ward parties name but a few