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Restor-a-Life is a non-profit & public benefit organisation with the goal of assisting the unemployed & undervalued people in our communities with the development of skills, creation of job & career opportunities, and inevitably the restoration of purpose.
Vision LIBERATE the oppressed, GUIDE the hopeless and RESTORE purpose to our communities, by empowering people through partnerships with other organisations. The beneficiaries of any project launched is the general public.
Mission how to reach the vision Through partnerships with other organisations (corporates, small businesses, NGOs, etc) we aim to empower previously disadvantaged, unemployed and impoverished people; providing career guidance and counselling services with the purpose of training and enabling them to obtain employment (job creation, career guidance, training, etc). Restor-a-life aims to accommodate as many individuals as we can. The number of individuals that can enrol in our programs will be influenced by financial funding that is obtained to fulfil our mandate.
Values: Community Values what we want to see happening in our society: Liberation from Oppression Guidance toward Better Futures Restoration of Purpose in Society Corporate Values what we as a team aspire to with our partners: Strengthening the Labour Sectors Opportunity for Growth and Development Honourable Achievements