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In 2008 RLabs was birthed in a marginalised community known as Bridgetown, Cape Town. Our passion is solely to create systems and environments where the lives of many can be impacted, where individuals may find empowerment and transformation can occur through hope, technology, innovation, training and economic opportunities.

In Cape Town specifically where RLabs began, our work has impacted the lives of more than 100,000 community members who have directly accessed RLabs skills training and economic empowerment opportunities.

Since inception, RLabs has expanded to 23 other countries all across the world. Our work has specifically had an impact in African based countries making use of innovation and economic spaces and has made an impact on 9.2 Million individuals globally.

RLabs has won plenty awards and acknowledgements for the work that we have done. Some of the awards include: Ashoka Fellowship, Dangote Fellowship, LEAD SA Hero National winner of 2015, Quartz African Innovator 2017, United Nations, World Economic Forum and the World Bank.