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Sector Task Team for Older Persons

Sector Task Team for Older Persons (STTOP) is a non-profit alliance of leading organisations within the older persons sector committed to working together to improve the lives of South African state pensioners from low-income communities. STTOP’s member organisations provide state pensioners with access to effective and affordable healthcare, housing (residential, community-based, and frail care) and support programmes. Central to STTOP’s work is the belief that the older person is a valuable and economically contributing citizen, as many older persons remain active, excited about life and involved in their communities throughout their lives.
STTOP is dedicated to strengthening the leadership and organisational capacities of member organisations by providing:
• cohesive voice and profile to influence policy and service delivery
• vibrant network for exchange of ideas, practice and experience
• training and development for member organisations’ staff
• knowledge exchange for sector-specific research
• platform for sector innovations profiling effective, affordable and sustainable services
Rather than organisations working in isolation, value is co-created through a sector-based approach for solutions that address priority needs.