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Setshabelo is dedicated to establishing a viable solution to supporting the rising numbers of children orphaned and affected by HIV/AIDS. The model is based on the concept of the community based support and care. It is only through active engagement with the devastation caused by Aids that can hope to effectively deal with the challenges of the increasing number of AIDS orphans and vulnerable children.

Setshabelo is the Sotho word meaning “refuge or sanctuary” and is appropriate for the role we want to play in the lives of the children we work with. We want the children and the communities that we are involved in, to recognize that the organization “Setshabelo” represents safety and sanctuary to children orphaned and vulnerable due to AIDS, who have perhaps not felt this due to their life circumstances.

Our motto found on our logo is “We lift them up”. This reflects our intent to positively affect the lives of the children we work with in all sphere of their lives. It can be interpreted as an upliftment that occurs in various ways; from assisting to lift them out of any form of deprivation they might be experiencing, to lifting them up through faith.

The project is expected to reach between 150 and 200 orphans or above the number written, our target was to start the project in the area of Thokoza and after it has been sustainable we move to the other areas were we going to make the difference too. Due to financial constrains we are still serving Thokoza only and the number we target to reach, we have not reached because of lack of resources.