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Shiloh Synergy

Shiloh Synergy

SHILOH Synergy - Uplift with Integrity

SHILOH Synergy is a (Section 21) Non Profit Organisation with 18A certification and registered as Level 4 (B-BBEE) Compliant.

VISION: We support and uplift Underprivileged Communities in their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, whilst also supporting and caring for animals and the environment.

MISSION: Through our social upliftment organisation, based on Biblical principles, we strive for operational Excellence and to ensure effective communication between Projects in the Underprivileged Communities and the Sponsors, Donors and Volunteers in the more fortunate communities and private sector.

SOCIAL STATEMENT: To provide the people in the Underprivileged Communities with an understanding of their value as children of God, enabling them to grow and develop to their full potential. This empowerment takes place through spiritual, intellectual and social development which brings about positive change in their lives and communities
Implementation of projects is done in conjunction with community leaders so that the community can be involved and eventually take full responsibility for the projects and assets.

SPIRITUAL STATEMENT: There is a practical harmony or synergy between vertical faith in God and horizontal works in a needy world. Faith is both spiritual and practical.

OUR NINE PRINCIPLES FOR SUCCESS: Commitment, Discipline, Excellence, Mental Toughness, Good Habits, Faith, Passion, Results and Truth.

• Those in desperate need of Food and Nutrition.
• Pre-School Children / Learners / Youth / Parents / Senior Citizens;
• Child headed families;
• Children / Youth at Risk.
• Potential Students and Youth for training as Jubilee Educators and Computer skills;
• Our main concern is the upliftment of, and providing assistance to children and people who are in genuine need.

Professional conduct within all operations;
Provision of fund tracking tools (transparent web system) and management reporting
Professional Management of all SHILOH Synergy Operations
Trusted execution of donor / sponsor / SED / ED funding to earmarked projects;