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Siyanqoba Business Forum

Siyanqoba Business Forum

Bring development first to the people of Umzinyathi District and surrounding areas.
Fight poverty and create jobs amongst the communities of Umzinyathi Municipality through small business development and establishment.
Disseminate knowledge and skills to women, the youth and physically challenged members of the community from the townships and rural areas.
Create an effective organization to lobby local controlling bodies, Government or private sector with more effective power block.
Collection and dissemination of information for the benefit of the Business community organizations.
Promote the culture of business to youth and the previously disadvantaged communities.
Encourage collective purchasing power.


Start-up business advice
Training in specialized fields.
New Business Registration.
Tax matter (Tax clearances, VAT ect.)
Advertising (SBF website, calendars, diary inserts, newsletter)
Member to member linking, where you can exchange information and network.
Assistance with KZN SMME Fund applications and any other SMME funds.
E-mail service, where a member can get an SBF e-mail at reasonable price.
BEE / BBBEE Matters (score cards ect.)
Tender Issues (Tender Notification ect.)