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South African Society for Animal Science

The name of the Society is the “South African Society for Animal Science” (SASAS). The domicilium executandi of the Society is where the Secretariat is located.
1.2 Mission
The mission of the Society is to advance animal science and the animal science profession, and promote viable animal production systems whilst sustaining natural resources and the environment, thereby enhancing welfare and wealth.
1.3 Objectives
The objectives are to:
1.3.1 encourage high standards of service to the animal industry by upholding professional integrity and ethical codes;
1.3.2 serve as mouthpiece of the profession on all matters relating to animal science, production and animal products in compliance with public welfare and general interest;
1.3.3 encourage the services of professional animal scientists whilst protecting their professional interests;
1.3.4 advise on high standards of education, research, technology and science-based policy pertaining to animal science, production and products;
1.3.5 ensure the scientific and professional status of members by insisting on continuous training of members active in the profession;
1.3.6 exchange scientific and educational information amongst members through regular meetings and published material;
1.3.7 liaise with local and international organisations and institutions with similar or related interests.
1.4 Fields of activity
The fields of activity of the Society are to support, encourage, counsel and research:
1.4.1 educational and training opportunities and development of human resources in the interest of animal science;
1.4.2 development of the animal science profession in the interest of animal science;
1.4.3 promote and advise on quality standards for the animal science profession;
1.4.4 sustainable animal, pasture and crop management systems that are biologically and environmentally sound and result in economically efficient productivity of animals;
1.4.5 acceptable animal management and production technologies to ensure the safety, quality and marketing of food, skins (hides) and fibre products of animal origin;
1.4.6 the production and utilisation of feed resources that would lead to sustainable animal production