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St Martins Village

Purpose The purpose of St Martin’s
Village is to facilitate the growth of a
vibrant and compassionate community
(village) which provides care for those
in need and opportunities to serve to
those who have been put in a position
to do so.
Objectives Establish and run a
home/place of safety for abandoned
and vulnerable babies (0-6 years) with
the capacity to also take in babies with
limited mental and physical disability.
Ii. Our approach is to have three
steps: caring, enabling integrating.
Caring means that the basic needs of
the babies – food, shelter, health,
attention, spiritual care etc. - are
provided for in a residential care
facility. Enabling firstly means that
through individualized therapy by a
network of professionals as well as
internal programs (such as an ECD
program) the babies are positioned to
live their lives to the fullest. Secondly
the carers are enabled, through
training to provide excellent care to the
babies and also grow in their personal
capacity. Integrating means that the
babies are incorporated into the life of
the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation
and broader community and where
possible prepared to i. return to their
family/community of origin, or ii. be
taken up in long-term foster/adoptive
families or iii. placed in suitable
institutions. The foster/adoptive
families are to be supported by
creating a peer-support group, by
continual training and social work