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StreetSmart South Africa

StreetSmart South Africa

Changing lives - One child at a time!

StreetSmart South Africa is a community initiative that raises funds for initiatives that support the greater process of social normalisation of vulnerable and street children's lives, through education, skills training and family reunification programmes.

Partnering establishments display a StreetSmart card informing patrons that a voluntary R5.00 donation will be added to their bill. They will have the option to give much more (or not give at all). This donation is registered separately in the establishment's till and StreetSmart collects the funds. Patrons should see their donation reflected on their bill.

Every cent raised in StreetSmart establishment goes to vulnerable and marginalised children programmes, namely education, skills training and family reunification. People supporting StreetSmart partners will be consciously contributing to the betterment of street children’s lives and futures. All operational costs are covered through sponsor partnerships, fundraisers and private donations.

StreetSmart provides the public with an opportunity to give responsibly and not in the hands of child on the street, as this keeps them on the street.

StreetSmart South Africa is registered as a Non-Profit Company, a Public Benefit Organisation and a Non-Profit Organisation.

For more information and to become involved contact us on:

P.O. Box 49, Green Point, 8051
StreetSmart SA, c/o 2 Somerset Road, Green Point, Cape Town
Tel: 021 447 3227

STREETSMART SOUTH AFRICA Registered NPC 2004/036117/08 NPO 051-449 PBO 930015804
Directors: Z Adams (Chairman), C Bagley, S Birch, M Burke (Vice-chairman), N Heckscher*, A Melane, E Oppon, J Pillai, J Stricker-Greeff, M Thomas * German