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Tenikwa Rehabilitation Centre

Tenikwa Rehabilitation Centre

Tenikwa Wildlife Centre is a non-profit organisation which relies on public support and donations. Our Awareness Centre generates income for some of the expenses, We accept injured and abandoned wild animals from all over the Garden Route, and no fee is ever asked from anyone. We receive no government funding or subsidy.

Tenikwa Rehabilitation Centre Wish List

Our Rehabilitation Centre assists all injured wildlife on the Garden Route in need of care and rehabilitation back into the wild. We are being kept exceptionally busy these days and are in dire need of funding and assistance with simple items as per the list below :

Supply & install a Metal or porcelain Wash basin in the hospital

An ‘Autoclave’ which sterilises instruments by steam

A fridge so we can keep all our vegetables and defrosted meat cool to prevent it from going off...

A walk in refrigerator for the meat for the animals

Infrared lamp bulbs

Setting up a wash station area for oiled penguins

Heavy duty rain gear / oilskins for Penguin feeding

Waders (like for fly fishing) to rescue birds out of boggy areas

Stainless steel operating table

A Theatre light or a free standing spot light

We are always in need of Consumables such as -

Mops, squeegees, brooms, hot water bottles, towels, polar fleece baby blankets, blankets, dish washing liquid, sterilizing hand wash liquid & cream, tile cleaner, large kitchen scissors, knives, cotton wool, swabs, sponges, rubber gloves, mutton cloth, teff hay & oats straw for bedding

Office supplies such as pens, rulers, erasers, high lighters, staples, white board markers and paper so we can keep all the animals records up to date...

Tins of ‘Fancy Feast’ tinned cat soft food – we use this extensively to encourage feeding on recuperating animals

Dog food, pellets or tins, especially for small breed dogs. Tick and flee power and doggie treats are needed for the monthly Clinic held at Kurland Village Community Centre.

We would be extremely grateful for any donation of the above goods. Items can be dropped off at Tenikwa Rehabilitation Centre, Forest Hall Road, The Crags or call 044 534 8170 if they need to be collected.