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The Sikhona Foundation

The Sikhona Foundation

Imagine what futures young boys and girls will create for themselves if given access to the right education and support from early on. Imagine also the impact they will make in their communities.

The IsiZulu word "Sikhona" is used in response to the traditional greeting of "Sawubona" (I see you). It can be translated as "because you see me; then I am here" and is a powerful greeting that validates being seen for who one is - being present.

This concept blends so wonderfully with our belief to really see and to recognise those we support as individuals with unique talents and specific needs.

Our vision is to use the Sikhona Foundation as a platform to raise awareness, support and funding, and to partner with like-minded organisations and schools to facilitate access to quality education for boys and girls who show the determination to improve their academic future.
We aim to provide financial support from primary school, through to high school and ultimately a tertiary qualification. Whilst funding is essential, the psycho-social support provided to all beneficiaries is the pivot around which the programme revolves. The academic and emotional support, the teaching of life-skills, the mentorship and the accumulating of social capital are as, if not more important than the funding.