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Tilly Brouwer

St Francis Care Centre was established in 1992 by Fr. Stan Brennan, a Franciscan Friar, after he witnessed the lonely, sometimes agonizing deaths suffered by many people in South Africa dying of AIDS, abandoned and rejected by their family and friends.

Since the beginning, St Francis Care Centre has mobilized resources to help patients and families in the informal settlements of Ekurhuleni:
• The Hospice – A residential medical facility for AIDS sufferers. There are 48 adult beds available.
• Children’s Section – The Rainbow Cottage provides residential care to 30 abandoned or orphaned children from birth to 7 years of age.
• Home Based Care in Vosloorus
• Nathional Health Screening Service – 4 mobile teams mobilise communities to know their status in respect of chronic illnesses such as HIV, Diabetes, Hypertension etc and to adhere to their medication. Newly diagnosed persons or those who have defaulted on treatment are linked to medical services.