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TRE For Africa Trust

TRE For Africa Trust

TRE® FOR AFRICA FOUNDATION aims to support people within South African and the African continent, by providing individuals and communities with the necessary skills to recover and heal themselves following traumatic events.

The Trust will be involved in activities that promote the provision of TRE to all peoples within South Africa and the African continent. This will be accomplished in the following ways:

To bring knowledge of and training in the method of TRE to towns, regions, provinces and into other African countries.
To establish a group of volunteers among certified TRE Practitioners who can provide disaster relief to people in areas affected by traumatic events.
Distribute information on TRE to the public via various media outlets, and arrange events for the public to attend to demonstrate the value of TRE.
The Trust will forge connections with Government/NGO departments and structures in South Africa and other African countries to coordinate public awareness workshops.
Register with local Government Departments as a provider of health services.

The Trust will work towards providing support to all people within South Africa and the African continent, with the initial specific focus on the following:

Introducing high risk groups, which include, among others, members of the police force, emergency workers, social workers, veterans, psychologists, counsellors and volunteers as well as schools and rehabilitation centres to TRE®.
Teaching TRE® to vulnerable and abused individuals, survivors of trauma such as natural disasters, violent attacks, home invasions and other traumatic incidents.
Seeking collaboration with other NGO’s and NPO’s who can assist in identifying individuals/communities who need this care the most.