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Uitkoms Home for Girls

Uitkoms Home for Girls


Our primary mission is to “give back our girls their lives”. Through support, anger-management, counselling, appropriate therapy, and psychological evaluation, the girls are given the assistance and tools for recuperation and rehabilitation – a platform which to start afresh.

Uitkoms offers intensive, holistic, specialised care that caters for physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs. The care encompasses the provision of counselling and educational programmes.

By the implementation of structured life skills and educational programmes, Uitkoms equips these girls for re-integration into their communities, and into a broader society in the future to come, to find acceptance from their families. We aim to develop the girls into productive, self-sustaining citizens in the future.


Uitkoms had its beginnings in 1944, when Johanna Terburgh recognised the need for a home to care for young, pregnant girls.

New premises were built in 1970, and, in 1999, we became registered as a Children’s Home and a Place of Safety for abandoned, abused, neglected, raped, destitute pregnant (including those who were HIV positive) teenage girls.

Since its humble beginnings sixty years ago, Uitkoms does not discriminate based on skin-colour, language, or creed.


Uitkoms receives request for admission on a regular basis, from the community, Children’s Courts, as well as other Children’s Homes, and services the needs of the greater Johannesburg area, as well as other parts of the Gauteng province.

Uitkoms is also one of the only Children’s Homes in Gauteng that accepts and fully accommodates pregnant teenage girls.