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United Through Sport

United Through Sport is a sport for development organization that aims to use sport and education to uplift the youth in the Nelson Mandela Bay area.
Illness, unemployment, malnutrition, violence, alcoholism and extreme poverty are still forcing many of the Nelson Mandela Bay’s inhabitants to live in critical conditions. As in other parts of the country, an estimated 32% live with HIV/AIDS and nearly 60% of people in townships are unemployed. As these misfortunes claim the lives of the generation recovering from apartheid, many children experience the knock-on effects. With youth engaging in at-risk behavior, suffering from poor mental health and unable to access opportunities. Causing youth to be unable to successfully finish school, access tertiary education or meaningful employment. In the Eastern Cape, 35% of youth (aged 15 – 24) are not in education, employment or training (NEET), compared to 33.9% nationally.
With the issues that youth face in mind we have mobilized sport to develop essential life skills, raise awareness on a variety of social/health issues and provide educational support to equip them to achieve their goals.
We deliver our programme through three main interventions:
- Delivering programmes on HIV/AIDS, gender awareness and sexual health in a fun and interactive manner on the sports fields and in the classroom. - Providing direct sports coaching for its health benefits, improved emotional well-being and increased life skills. - Leveraging sport for improved education by providing pathways to success through additional tutoring, scholarship opportunities and mentorship.