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We Are One

We Are One!

The King of Africa has been turned into a simple commodity and is exploited for human entertainment and money. The lions need your help now – to raise awareness about their plight and bring an end to canned hunting, the bone trade, commercial breeding farms and other forms of exploitation. They need people to say no to interaction with wild animals, no to potions made with animal parts, and no to canned hunting.

I believe that things sometimes need to get really dark in order for people to wake up and truly feel the body and soul screaming “This needs to stop!”. It is pitch black dark…

Musicians from many parts of the world have heeded this call through a benefit song called We Are One – and are donating their time and talent for an awareness and fundraising concert at the Grand West Casino in Cape Town on 23 October.

While many goods and services have already been donated for this concert, including the venue, we need your support to cover other essentials in order to take the lions’ message to the world. Any donation helps. If everyone gives R100 or more, together we will make a difference and create the much-needed change.
The lions thank you for caring!

In just four years, Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary has educated over 20 000 visitors about the cruel realities of the brutal lion trade. Now, the We Are One concerts will use the universal language of music to reach countless more people who have the power to change life for lions through the power of their choices, voices and tourism money.

Some of the world’s greatest animal welfare organisations and campaigners are also involved: Born Free, Blood Lions, Four Paws, the Global White Lion Protection Trust and more.

Money raised from the event will go towards building a much-needed veterinary clinic, education centre and purchase of more land.

When standing together we can make extraordinary things happen, so please act now and give lions a voice. Let the message of respect and love spread across the world, and bring the light back into the lion industry.

Because in the end, We Are One – nature, animals and humans.