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Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation

WHWF is appealing for your help by donating to specifically assist us in supplying food, milk and other items needed for the care of Rhino Orphans and other wildlife in need from all over South Africa.

These Orphaned Rhino Babies need consistent care and ongoing love and nurturing to enable them to survive and flourish in the wake of the tragedies they've experienced.

The amazingly dedicated people who care for these precious babies need our support.

There are also wild animals who are suffering from malnutrition due partly to drought conditions that also need our help because of mismanagement by local governments who are supposed to care for wildlife. We need to supply supplemental food for these animals to ensure their survival.

We are also in desperate need of uniforms, night vision glasses, back packs, boots and handcuffs for the Anti-Poaching Rangers who take care of security for the Rhinos.

Please consider giving so that we can continue helping.

We cannot do it without you!

You can see how we help wildlife in need by visiting our web page at: