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Worcester Gimnasium

Worcester Gymnasium was founded in 1992 after the amalgamation of Worcester High School and Worcester East High School. Both these schools have a long history.

We offer a wide subject choice, which includes academic, commercial and technical subjects. After successfully completing their careers with us, learners may be equipped, depending on individual choice and achievement, to immediately start working, or to study at a college, university of technology, or university.

We have unbelievable support from our “old boys” for donations and funding. We also reach out to the private sector for donations. All these funds will go for education, books, teachers and upgrading our infrastructure. The school fees are not providing the school with adequate funds so we rely on donations. Our aim is for our learners to be well balanced individuals and we strive to equip them with a wide range of skills so that they can cope in our multicultural country and the ever-changing world we live in.