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Mobicred is an online account that gives buyers access to credit, which they can use to pay you online through PayFast.
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Let your customers buy on credit while you get paid in full

Mobicred works in a similar fashion to retail store credit: only online. Mobicred charges interest rates comparable to those of credit card providers and only levies monthly fees while the account is used, unlike most credit cards. Activate Mobicred as a payment option and give your customers the ability to pay off their online purchases in monthly installments while you get immediate payment in full.

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How Mobicred works

When buyers first register a Mobicred account, they undergo a simple online process to determine their credit limit.


Mobicred account holders with sufficient available credit can then make payment by selecting Mobicred at checkout and signing into their account.


Once processed, you will immediately receive the full amount (minus PayFast’s fees), without the risk of payment reversals.

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Benefits of Mobicred

Payments reflect immediately in your PayFast account

Reach customers who don't have credit cards

No risk of chargeback or default to seller

Available to customers from most South African banks

Only pay a small all-in-one transaction fee when you make a sale

Simple, transparent pricing

Simple, transparent pricing

No setup, monthly or hidden fees. Fees are negotiable based on online sales volumes.

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