How to use PayFast to accept Payments

Integration options using existing or custom systems

Existing Shopping Cart Integrations

Integrate PayFast directly with your eCommerce website using our existing platform integrations. A time and cost-effective way of selling.

You will need:  PayFast Account  Website PayFast Integrated Platform

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Custom Integration

Special requirements? Large store? Big budget? You are or have access to a developer, and would like to know how to integrate with PayFast.

You will need: PayFast Account  Online application Development knowledge

Developer Docs

Ignore the complicated detail and just accept payment

Request Payment via Email

Generate a ‘Payment Request’ link and send it to your customer via email, all directly from your PayFast account.

Quick easy solution without the need of any additional systems or websites.

You will need:  PayFast Account

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HTML ‘Pay Now’ Buttons

Paste a ‘Pay Now’ button on your website.

Add a payment button on your website – no need for any additional systems or shopping carts.

You will need:  PayFast Account  Website

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