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We have been building ecommerce websites since 2004. With more than 1400 stores and more than R1.2 billion worth of transactions under our belt, we can take you online with no hassles.
Key Features We build B2C, B2B and Supplier Order Manager websites – stand-alone or integrated to your ERP system.
- Integrates with your ERP system
- Integrates with over 60+ couriers
- Includes a surprising amount of cutting-edge features as a standard
- Is cloud based so that we take care of your IT headaches.
Comalytics integration Visit our knowledge base for comprehensive instructions on how to integrate PayFast with Comalytics. How to integrate with Comalytics
Plugin details
Latest update: V12.567 (30 June 2019)
Supported by: Comalytics
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This module was developed by Comalytics. Visit their website for integration support. You will need to be registered on PayFast to accept payments and get your merchant ID.

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