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Ecwid is a leading ecommerce plugin that enables small business owners to easily add an online store to their website and social media pages.

A global ecommerce plugin

Ecwid is one of the most popular add-on store builders with hundreds of thousands of small and medium sized businesses around the world using the ecommerce solution. Ecwid can transform your website, blog, Facebook and Instagram business pages into an online store. Integrate your Ecwid account with PayFast and start accepting a variety of payment methods at checkout.

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Turn your existing website into an online store

In a few simple steps the Ecwid plugin can transform almost any website into an online store, including WordPress, Wix, Drupal, Joomla and Squarespace, as well as custom websites and even Facebook and Instagram business pages. Even if you don’t have an existing website, Ecwid’s Instant Site feature enables you to create a one-page online store to sell your products.

Key Features Start selling online with Ecwid for free then upgrade your package as your ecommerce business grows.
- FREE for up to 10 products
- Global reach with multilingual functionality
- Social commerce
- Manage multiple storefront from one dashboard
- Responsive
ECWID integration Visit our knowledge base for comprehensive instructions on how to integrate PayFast with ECWID. How to integrate with ECWID
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This module was developed by ECWID. Visit their website for integration support. You will need to be registered on PayFast to accept payments and get your merchant ID.

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