List your PayFast Integration

Think you have a plugin/module/solution that integrates with PayFast? PayFast acknowledges extension/plugin developers and platform creators by listing your payment solution on the PayFast website.

Before you get going, see our integration requirements below and then fill out the application form.

Integration Requirements:

  1. Signature is required in the POST to the payment engine. For a detailed explanation of how to generate a signature see our documentation page here.
  2. The product should have a sandbox/test mode in the admin/backend in order for the integration to be tested by the merchant. For sandbox credentials please see our testing page here.
  3. The ITN callback must do the following security checks:
    1. Verify that the security signature is valid.
    2. Verify that the source IP belongs to PayFast.
    3. Verify that the payment amount matches the order amount (unless partial payment is allowed by your product).
  4. The merchant needs the option to add a passphrase on the page of your module where the configuration is set up.

If your module adheres to the above, then fill in the form below and we will be in touch to let you know when your module is up on our Shopping Carts page.

Application Form:

e.g. Billing/Invoicing, Cloud hosted,ecommerce, events, HTML, Joomla!, Open-source, OpenCart, PayFast managed, WordPress.
This is for us to use should we want to promote it on our social media channels.
e.g. drag-and-drop builder or Google Analytics integration.
This could either be a screen grab of the front/back-end, a promotional video or image. Dimensions: 500-600px wide, 150-600px high.
This could be a logo of the product (such as “WooCommerce”) or the company/developers that built it (such as “Woothemes”). It should be cropped exactly 220px wide by 160px high.
This is the page where people can review the product (either the home page or product page should suffice).
This could be a forum or contact page. If a customer has a problem using your product, we need to know how they can contact you.
Once you submit the form we will review your module and be in touch!

If you have any questions, please contact and we will be happy to assist.