Recurring Billing


Improve conversion. Reduce admin. Sell more.

Streamline your billing process, build longer term relationships with customers and keep cash flow running smoothly.

PayFast recurring billing allows merchants to create two methods of recurring payments; one being a subscription model, the other an ad hoc model. The subscription model supports membership or retainer style business models that provide stable and predictable income. The ad hoc payment solution enables applications such as app payments, single page checkout, or automatic account top ups.


Card Management

Card about to expire? No problem, PayFast puts the customer in control of their card details and will handle the hassle of getting the information updated. A seamless experience for both you and your customers.

API Access

Stay on top of billing tasks via the recurring billing API. Update, pause, cancel and view subscription information, all available through the API or from the PayFast dashboard.

Secure Card Vault

Offer faster checkout with tokenized card storage. Maintain loyal customer relationships through multiple stored billing plans. PayFast is a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider so you can be assured of peace of mind with our top notch security.


Nurture customer retention by providing automated, scheduled payments with no customer involvement.
Facilitate membership or subscription based business models through PayFast subscription payments.

Flexible Schedules

The PayFast subscription payment solution allows a variety of billing interval options. Create schedules that work for your products, clients and business, whether it’s monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.

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Ad hoc Payments

Improve conversion rates and foster lasting customer relationships through recurring ‘once-off’ payment options.
PayFast ad hoc payments eliminates the repetitive need for authorisation.

Integrated Payment

After an initial agreement and verification process, billing customers becomes seamless by charging a stored card. No need for further customer information or verification.

Simplified Solutions

Various solutions made possible through the use of tokenization:

  • App payments
  • Automatic account top-ups
  • Single click checkout

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