SCode is a unique payment platform that allows customers to pay for their online purchases in-store at one of more than 6,000 retail outlets across South Africa.

By selecting SCode as their payment method during checkout, online shoppers can pay at any participating retailer using cash, debit or credit card. For online merchants this means access to customers who either simply prefer paying in cash or who don’t have a credit or cheque card.

SCode payments can be made at any Checkers, CheckersHyper, Shoprite, Usave, House & Home, Post Office, and OK Furniture.


  • Enables offline payments for online purchases
  • Customers can pay using cash, debit or credit card
  • Over 6,000 payment retail outlets across South Africa
  • Fully integrated payment platform

The payment process is simple, secure and totally integrated with PayFast. For more information on how it works, take a look at our SCode for Customers and SCode for Merchants help articles.

If you would like to receive SCode payments, you can enable SCode through your PayFast dashboard. Simply head to Settings > Payment Methods. Just familiarize yourself with our fees before enabling new payment methods.

Don’t have a PayFast account? Sign up now and start accepting payments within two working days.