What is PayFast?

PayFast is a leading online payment processing solution for individuals, NPOs and businesses of all sizes in South Africa. We are dedicated to enabling the easy, secure and instant transfer of funds to online merchants to help them grow, develop and succeed in the digital economy. Just as important are our merchants’ customers, who we in turn offer simple and safe payment options that they trust to make online purchases.

How we facilitate online payments for any business

We support 7 popular payment methods and integrate with 80+ platforms and custom integrations. So no matter what platform you use, PayFast enables you to get paid online.

After you sign up for a free account and get verified, you can start receiving payments instantly via your website, app or email.

Our business model is based on the success of our merchants – we only charge a small fee for every payment successfully processed; we have no set up, monthly or hidden fees.

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Can I receive payments if I'm not a registered business?

Absolutely. You can register with PayFast to receive payments as an individual/sole proprietor, as a registered business or as a registered charity.

How long does it take to get set up?

We try to eliminate all barriers of entry to selling online and you can technically start accepting payments on the same day as registering with us (if all your documents are in order, of course). You will need to register an account with us, which should take you between two and five minutes. After this, you’ll need to verify your details with us by uploading some documents on your account. We verify these documents within 24 hours. You can then add PayFast into your website or eCommerce platform.

Do buyers pay a fee to use the facility?

No. We simply charge the seller a small fee on each successful transaction. This fee depends on the payment method that the buyer used.

How does the Payout process work?

All funds processed reflect immediately in your PayFast account, but not in your linked bank account. You can log into your PayFast account and click the Payout button to move the funds to your bank account or set up Scheduled Payouts. Funds are eligible to be paid out after a 48 hour security and fraud review holding period.

Do I need a website to get paid?

No. While it’s a great idea to have a website and list your products online –ideally with one of the many supported eCommerce platforms– many merchants use PayFast simply to send payment requests to their clients via our Request Money feature.