Product Manager

PayFast is a leading online payment processing solution for individuals, NPOs and businesses of all sizes in South  Africa. We are dedicated to enabling the easy, secure and instant transfer of money to online merchants to help  them grow, develop and succeed in the digital economy. 

The key focus of the role is to discover and deliver products and solutions that work both for our customers and our business. You’ll be measured by your ability to deliver on business and customer outcomes and your ability  to influence and work with various teams throughout PayFast. 

This is your opportunity to build, improve, and launch payment and financial products within the widest  distribution. Don’t wait, apply now! 

Core Competencies  

  • Identify and solve customer and business problems in ways that our customers love yet also works  for our business 
  • Be accountable for ensuring the solution is both valuable (our customers choose to sign up or use) and  viable (the solution works within the many constraints of our business)  
  • Contribute knowledge of constraints from marketing, sales, operations, finance, risk & legal, and  security 
  • Contribute a deep knowledge of our users and customers 
  • Maintain an insight into the data of how our customers engage with our products  
  • Keep in touch with industry trends and the competitive landscape as it pertains to your  products 
  • Collaborate closely with UX/UI designers and software developers to discover effective solutions and  deliver them to market 
  • Deliver business results and not just features shipped, working through others where necessary to  achieve results 
  • Act as a leader within the company, be able to influence those around you through your use of data and  logic 


  • Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent practical experience 
  • Demonstrated understanding of the techniques and methods of modern product discovery and product  delivery 
  • 2+ years’ experience working specifically as a product manager / product designer, or  alternatively 4+ years’ experience working within the payments industry in a similar role
  • Demonstrated ability to learn and interact with multiple functional areas of business — development, design, finance, operations, support, and marketing 
  • Demonstrated ability to figure out solutions to hard problems with many constraints, using sound  judgement to assess risks, and to lay out your argument in a well-structured, data-informed,  written narrative
  • Proven ability to engage with engineers, designers, and company leaders in a constructive and  collaborative relationship 

About the company  

PayFast was started in 2007 and has grown into one of South Africa’s leading online payment gateways. We are trusted  by thousands of online sellers to process payments for them in a variety of ways, including credit cards, Instant EFT,  debit card, Mobicred and Scode. We are dedicated to enabling the easy, secure and instant transfer of money to online  merchants to help them grow, develop and succeed in the digital economy. In 2019, PayFast became part of the DPO  Group, spurring the growth of the largest African payment service provider. 


  • Home expense policy for internet connection for remote working  
  • Employees are eligible for a bonus after the financial year end, based on a combination of the employee’s  performance and the company’s performance.  
  • Work from home options 
  • Great company culture  
  • Extremely Casual dress code 


Immediately, but we’re willing to wait for the right candidates to finish their current obligations. Please send your CV and motivational letter to 

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