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7 Pounds Student Uplifiting Program

7 Pounds is a registered Public Benefit Organisation Exemption no 930034815. The vision of 7 Pounds is to help promising, young people in Port Elizabeth and the surrounding areas from children’s homes to study at a tertiary institution, whatever they are inclined (gifted) to, or interested in, and to help them succeed at the highest possible level. It is an organisation that will take young people out of their negative environment and place them in a positive one where they will get all the support they need to succeed (finances, time to study, a better study environment, resources, a support team, and a mentorship program). The organisation will pay for everything that the candidate needs: study fees, textbooks, accommodation, food, transport, assessment tests that will show exactly what they are gifted in, a leadership summit/development weekend seminar as part of the mentorship program and 6 sessions a year with Chris Breedt, a clinical psychologist. While studying the organisation will also help the candidate to find a waiter position where he or she will be required to work over weekends (working as a waiter for the duration of the study program is a requirement for the 7 Pounds candidate). After the completion of their studies the organisation will try and help the candidate to find work and support them for a further 3 months.