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Kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with gold, embracing the scars and increasing the value. That is what B Loved embodies, restoring people and empowering the broken, vulnerable, and abandoned to UNDERSTAND their value. Restoration triggers the images of taking something old and making it new, for us it also means giving someone back what was stolen from them, their future, their health, and most importantly, their hope. We have developed 4 very specific programs through which we partner with purpose-driven organizations and projects to enable the restoration of as many people as possible. Through our collaborative approach, we have seen millions distributed and many lives changed from 2008 until now. Our programs range from feeding schemes, community protection projects to the fight against human trafficking. The common thread through all our projects is love and care because love heals all, forgives all, and overcomes all. Today we invite you to become part of the restoration.

The B Loved Foundation has been in operation since 2008 as a B4i Project initiative, with the aim to encourage businesses to be part of the restoration of our society. The foundation started out as a trust and later grew and established itself as a preferred BEE Socio-Economic Development (SED) initiative. The foundation’s mission is to instill confidence in companies by giving them peace of mind that their funding reaches the people it was intended for. Beneficiaries are carefully selected and supported by directors Yolandi Venter, Octavia Ephraim & Louis McLaren who jointly take responsibility to ensure that the foundation lives up to its purpose of making a proper difference in the journey of transformation.
Focused donations

Should you wish to donate to a specific cause please reference one of the 5 areas below:

1. Anti-human trafficking
2. Orphaned & Vulnerable Children
3. Community Aid
4. Food Schemes
5. Where it's needed most

No amount is too small!

As many of the Foundation’s activities center around funds being donated, no amount given is too small and we would like to thank you in advance for whatever contribution you are able to make. Your money will be in good hands and we will make sure it's distributed to where it's needed.