Cause Index

GF4GF Centres NPC

1. Establish Good Foundations
• Restore and build relationships with God, people and creation;
• Equip people with Biblical morals and values;
• Heal emotional scars and wounds;
• Foster unity across all divides;
• Prepare and equip people for healthy marriages and families;
• Hold people accountable for assigned responsibilities;
• Train people in sound business principles and biblical work ethics.

2. Nurture Growth
• Create a safe and supportive environment for personal growth and holistic well-being;
• Transfer our spiritual DNA based on God’s Way principles to others, especially young leaders;
• Bring post-matriculants and/or graduates into a healthy, intimate spiritual family for a GoodYear, disciple them holistically and, through them,
reaching out to schools, communities and farms;
• Transfer root and life skills, mainly through multiple short courses to GoodYear-students, farmers, farm workers and community members;
• Farm to produce own food, generate an income to sustain GF4GF centres and provide practical workplace experience for upcoming farmers: bridging the gap between basic and
further education, and further education and the workplace;
• Develop a network of GF4GF Centres that share resources and expertise;
• Water our efforts with continuous prayers.

3. Impact Rural- Agricultural Communities With Good Fruit
• The country with productive citizens and young leaders who have skills and integrity;
• The economy with food production and job creation;
• The agri-community with a new generation of Christian farmers, who have theoretical knowledge, biblical values, sound work ethic and practical farming experience;
• Rural communities with more GF4GF Centres throughout SA and Africa;
• Local schools with programmes aimed at building character and developing values;
• The poor with bursaries to lift them out of poverty through education;
• The body of Christ with mature believers and labourers to bring in the harvest;
• The Kingdom of God with a demonstration of Living and Farming God’s Way