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Organ Donor Foundation-Team Transplant for the Win

What started as a personal crusade for most to assist their loved ones, has brought together an incredible group of like-minded individuals, in the form of @TeamTransplant. Our focus is to assist the Organ Donor Foundation with awareness and fundraising initiatives to support their goal of educating the nation on the vital importance of Organ Donation. #TeamTransplant comprises a mix of people. People that have received a lifesaving transplant, people hoping to assist their family members find a much-needed donor, and people passionate to the cause who know that without awareness and education we will never move the needle. Our team is taking on races across the globe to raise awareness as this is not only a problem in our country but the world at large. Please consider donating to the Organ Donor Foundation of SA - all funds raised go directly towards education campaigns. Together we can help so many people waiting for a lifesaving transplant. Register today at