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Spinnekop 2019 Luderitz2Aghulas

Spinnekop 2019 Luderitz2Aghulas

After successfully running over 1,500 km’s from Pretoria to Lüderitz during August last year, Eric Nefdt or Spinnekop, (the Afrikaans term for Spider) will once again don his Superhero costume to continue his journey and his mission.

The 33 year old adventurers’ attempt will begin on 19 July 2019 and the 1,600km marathon-a-day adventure will be broken into some 43-50 days.

The planned route resumes in Lüderitz, Namibia, heads down through the Western Cape and into Cape Town, (finishing up in Cape Aghulas, the Southernmost tip of Africa).

Once again Eric will be accompanied by fellow adventurer, Normie Eckard (Ventures4Jesus), however this time Eckard will actively participate and will attempt to complete the full distance on a hand cycle.
This is an incredible feat in its own right, simply because Normie Eckard is a paraplegic adventurer.

Why Spinnekop?
The Spiderman suit is simply a metaphor for a Hero. Nefdt believes anybody can be a Hero and his mission, supported by Eckard, remains that of creating awareness around organ and tissue donation, whilst encouraging donor registrations.
Organ donation is made possible by Heroes – people who voluntarily choose to donate their organs and tissue for transplantation.

Nefdt and Eckard will be supported on the road by AJ Van Der Walt. AJ joined them on the road for 2 days previously. This champion has completed several marathons, including both the Comrades and Ironman. Remarkably AJ formerly weighed in at 282kg, before he discovered Professor Tim Noakes’ “Banting” diet. The rest as they say is history! “AJ van der Walt is one of the biggest Banting inspirations ever!” - Tim Noakes

Did you know that less than 1% of South Africans are organ donors?
What would you do if you, or somebody in your family needed a lifesaving transplant?

The Organ Donor Foundation of SA and Centre for Tissue Engineering have officially endorsed the Spinnekop Campaign 2019 in terms of awareness.