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ODF-Fundraising Initiative

Spinnekkop 2018 - Eric Kevin Nefdt aka Spinnekop is a full time Estate Agent and part time Adventurer and Proud Organ Donor. In 2017 he completed the Comrades Marathon in a Spiderman suit running to create awareness around CHD or Congenital Heart Disease and to raise funds for a little girl named Elisa (at that time only 3 years old) who had sustained various surgery-related complications following 4 successive open-heart surgeries.
During August 2018, Eric will attempt to run from Pretoria to Lüderitz, Namibia, to create awareness around organ and tissue donation. The 1,550km marathon-a-day adventure will be broken into some 42-50 days. Eric has made application to Guinness World Records and plans to set the record for the furthest marathon run in a superhero costume.
Why Spinnekop?
Organ donation is made possible by Heroes – people who voluntarily decide to donate their organs and tissue for transplantation. Eric believes that anybody can make a difference. The Spiderman costume is simply a metaphor or symbol that anyone can be a hero and leave a lasting legacy through donation. Recent statistics reveal that less than 02 % of South Africans are organ donors. THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT