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Organ Donor Foundation -100 000 Steps for my DAD

Organ Donor Foundation -100 000 Steps for my DAD

My dad is my hero.

He was diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever at a young age, and his aortic heart valve was affected by this illness. As a child he wasn’t allowed to play with other children and was hospitalised many times, sometimes for months on end.

My dad had his first aortic valve replacement as a young man. In his life he has had that valve replaced 4 times. My dad will be 66 years young next month and is now at the end stages of heart failure. He requires a lung and heart transplant.

Since 2002, I have been living in various places in the world. I now live in Birmingham; England and I am a First-year student nurse at the Birmingham City University.

On 5 Aug 21, I flew out to South Africa to visit my family after the news that my dad needed a heart and lung transplant. I returned to the UK on 19 Aug and am now in a quarantine hotel until 30 Aug.

I have decided to make the most of my time in quarantine by continuing with my studies and to walk 10,000 steps a day. I am allowed three 15-minute breaks a day and in this time, I complete the steps. It is not easy as it means 50 laps of the car park, which can be quite tedious. In the 10 days of quarantine, I will walk 100,000 steps.

I would like to ask for sponsorship to walk these steps and the money will go to the Organ Donor Foundation of Southern Africa. They do an amazing job at educating people on the need for organ and tissue donations and coincidentally, August is donor organ awareness month in South Africa.

Every penny will help their cause.