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Phedisang is a community-based ICT, Women’s Health and Empowerment project located in the Maruleng District in Limpopo. The organisation provides basic care for approximately 740 children at risk, many come for child headed households. The project provides skills in leadership and computer literacy, as well as providing the children with two meals per day. The organisation works closely with the Department of Social Development assisting the children in the application of Foster Care Grants.

Roedean has had a partnership with Phedisang for the past 11 years; each year a group of pupils reside in the community and implement a Women’s Health Development Project.

The Roedean School (SA) Girls’ Leadership Summit 2020 will offer delegates the opportunity to donate towards this project; with all proceeds going towards the establishment of the Phedisang Innovation Hub.

The infrastructure is there, due to a successful funding proposal that was submitted to The National Lottery; however equipment, wifi, connectivity, training etc. is required. An alumna of Phedisang, who, against all odds, managed to obtain his BA Degree from the University of Witwatersrand, is currently overseeing the ICT component of the project. He believes “the need for such a centre will assist the youth in freeing themselves from the shackles that continue to bind them to this poor community”.

The dream is for the hub to become a central place of learning; For example; Grade 12 students to participate in online tutoring sessions; access to the internet to apply for tertiary education, job applications, resources to write a CV and basic IT literacy. An income-generating initiative will be implemented alongside the hub; photocopying of ID documents, scanning and sending emails for clients etc. as these resources are not accessible in this community.

Thank you for supporting this worthy cause, as through education change is possible!

Please consider donating R150 ($10) a month to support one of our children.