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Queenstown Education Foundation

We empower a growing number of our town’s learners by leveraging cost efficient collaboration and technological advancements among educational stakeholders.

We have developed an overarching digital network that helps to develop cutting edge classrooms; we are making Maths work through the development of a community of practice among teachers at different schools and we are developing a school twinning program through which our members will share facilities and resources, as appropriate.

Now during Covid Lockdown Level 3, we can access tried and tested software packages for Maths, Maths Lit and Physical Science, that runs on an innovative pocket-sized plug-and-play Android T&L device. It was developed by a Maths Development Centre of an acclaimed nearby university.

We also want to film lessons in other subjects, given by teachers at well-resourced schools, that we can then share with teachers in under-resourced schools for them to project onto screen in their classrooms

We also want to support Gr 12 learners in under-resourced schools with an evening meal that will help them concentrate. Hunger is a barrier to concentration at school and additional supervision and teaching time is required to ensure its learners are positioned to pass their exams and use their National Senior Certificate to pursue careers and work opportunities.

Why are you qualified:
The Queenstown Education Foundation has been in existence for 10 years. Its Directors and Project Managers are heart-centered professionals who have served the local school community and gained a thorough understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by educational institutions in this contracted economy, within a rural setting. We have enough funding already for basic operations. We just need program funding now.

What is the urgency:
Covid19 has left Grade 12 learners within our district at risk of failing their prelim and final exams in October and November 2020, if they don't urgently get extra academic support now. The learners have lost classroom time. They have also lost contact with their normal teachers who have reduced teaching time due to suffering with co-morbidities.